Entry #1

100 Reasons Not To Visit Hell Collab

2007-08-26 00:16:36 by TreeClock

Now that i've had a bit of downtime since CCTV2, I've started my next collaboration.

The 100 Reasons Not To Visit Hell collab is based on a thread made by VCRClock on the CCBBS. You can check out the details at the following link:

[ Hell Collab Thread ]


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2007-08-26 00:52:45

lolol TreeClock gotsa mustache!


2007-08-31 03:40:05

fuck you


2007-09-03 17:59:24

fuck you, NAW, I was going to do that collab but I don't like writing narrations but I'll just have to get used to it! Hopefully the Collab goes well!


2007-09-17 00:38:49

I think this collab will turn out very well. I'm working really hard on my part so the it looks really good.


2008-01-28 19:41:33

so, err will we see a new collab


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